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Rewarding my efforts

Downsizing Reward

Hello everyone,
I want to share an important message!

I have been working on creating a simpler life, first by culling my pile of ”stuff” for the past 4+ months, reducing the quanity amount by 1922+ items.

I have learned 3 things that have made the difference.

1. Be eager to learn. Since September of last year I have signed up for Tiny House, Simple Living, and Minimalist blogs, etc. I have started to go back to using the library, they have tons of books there!?

2. Set goals, make a plan, and work the plan. My primary goal has been to reduce the pile. I have been doing the #MinsGame monthly since April. It has been fun and challenging at the same time frame. I do know now that less stuff is the way to go. Yes I was (past tense) hoarder. I am working those hoarding urges with a simple life changed mindset. Association is a very powerful force for change.

3. I have meet four groups of people that I have a huge amount of gratitude towards. Their leadership has guided and influenced my journey toward simple living in a massively positive way.

a. Joel from the Our meetups have been a nice local association.

b. +Mariah Coz from Her E-Course is what started the decision to go tiny, and be happy cause of it. Thanks a million!

c. +Joshua Fields Millburn and +Ryan Nicodemus from I learned inspiration and hugs are all good things. You guys gave me hugs when I needed it the most.

d. And +Joel Zaslofsky of has given me in an indirect way the drive to keep culling, keep the journey going forward simple living,and minimalist lifestyle. Joel has great podcasts!

I love my current living space of about 264 square feet compared to about 1300 square feet just 11 months ago. It has been just the start of my journey to simple.

I am sharing this because its been the correct answer to so many problems for me. It is helping me so much in all areas of life. My next journey is to continue to cull more of my stuff, and keep associating with like minded people, and this way I am going and if any of this resonates with you, hope you join me at the simple living conference #SimpleRev, at Hope to see you there and give you a big hug for going simple too!
Remember the power of association.

ps. The photo of the cake is my reward for my culling up to this point. Yes I have a sweet tooth. 🙂

Tip: Never forget to reward your efforts and results for great work completed!

Always Forward,

– less stuff
+ more joy
= great peace!