What started this ?!

Tiny House# 40 Sweet Pea

Welcome back to the my blog!  I have been focused on downsizing my stuff. As I reflect lately I have been thinking about how I got here, and where I am right now.

It started in the fall of 2013, when on a lunch break I was browsing the net when I came across something called a “tiny house”. I don’t remember what lead me to it or how I got there. My very first memory was a YouTube video of a tiny house in someone backyard with chickens in the yard, and inside the tiny house on a trailer was a white deer head decoration, yeah I know, its weird, but its what I remember.

Then that took me to search for local tiny houses, I Google “Tiny House Minnesota” and that’s when I found the meetup group, “Mpls/St.Paul Tiny House”. So I have been to a few of those meetup meetings, its been great meeting other people interested in this subject.

Oh why am I interested in these tiny houses? To understand that question I need to drill into my past and a bit of my current situation. I have to admit I have been having a personal challenge paying my bills and being happy in general. I guess the stress of maintaining the house, upkeep, working two jobs, and all just got the best of me. Yes I fell into depression, deep I have to admit. So I was searching going back to early 2000’s when I rented one room in my house to a friend. That experience was not very positive, the friend moved on. And I didn’t want to rent my space either. Here comes 2007 when I get a another job to make ends meet. At first it was great more money, but no time. I was starting to really feel stressed, 2 jobs and yes still not gaining financially. This is not good for the heart or mind?!

I hate to admit this but, than I began to buy and collect things to cope with my struggle for control. I would find things on sale whether I needed it or not. Garage sales and clearance end caps at stores were my drug of choice. The worst of this, I was totally numb not knowing really what I was doing to myself or my living space. I was out of control.

Thank God for Tiny Houses! During this past year I had subscribed to some tiny house blogs, and that’s how and when I discovered an E-Course called “Tiny Transition and Downsizing”led by Mariah Coz. It talked about “stuff”. Boy could I relate !? Could it help me with control? Could it help me with stuff? Could it help me find… me? I could only hope. So I signed up at the end of 2013, and the course went into the beginning of 2014. I have been blessed with some great people during this time in my life. People to understand my struggle and what I desire.. tiny houses led me to the living a simple life. It all comes down to not worrying about and keeping up with the others in life. I’m not there yet , but I found my journey and road to peace.


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